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Read You 0.8.3 Release Notes



  1. Allow feed name changes when adding subscriptions
  2. Add reading page style settings
  3. Add Italian translation (thanks to Giovanni)
  4. Add Hindi translation (thanks to augurer)
  5. Add Spanish translation (thanks to Jayler95)
  6. Add Polish translation (thanks to maciej-klupp)
  7. Update German translation (thanks to Dave)
  8. Built ToS and include it on the F-Droid (thanks to linsui)
  9. Other detail changes


Now that Read You has basic local reading functionality, these three things will be the next priority.

  1. Some account settings (e.g. sync interval)
  2. Multi-account support (this is necessary before supporting third-party APIs)
  3. Some third-party APIs support (e.g. Fever, Google Reader)

All other feature requests are postponed.

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