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Read You 0.9.8 Release Notes



  1. Improve translation (@nvllz , thanks to all)
  2. Remove the built-in GoogleSans font from the app (will use the system default font)
  3. Support using external font files as app basic and reading fonts
  4. Fix import from OPML file function
  5. Optimize Fever API integration (#363)
  6. UI fixes (#382, @JunkFood02)
  7. Fix “Mark as Read” buttons for Fever API (#399, @mbestavros)
  8. Support for RTL text layout in reading page (#378, @JunkFood02)
  9. Bump Material to 1.0.1 version and fix “Always Expand” preview (#374, @Scholar-Jr)


  1. Providing GoogleSans font will face legal risks
  2. External fonts do not yet support multiple font weights
  3. Google Reader (GReader) API is being integrated
  4. Thank you to all contributors who have read my bad code. I have some ideas for refactoring

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