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Read You 0.9.9 Release Notes



  1. Fever API now properly syncs read/starred metadata across devices (#401) (#406) (@mbestavros)
  2. Add prompt for notification permission when relevant (#422) (@RafhaanShah)
  3. New feature: Swipe to mark read (#455) (@boun, @nvllz)
  4. New option: External link handling (#428) (@S-H-Y-A)
  5. Fetch favicons for feed items (#471) (@Ashinch, @kid1412621)
  6. Various internal refactorings and improvements (@Ashinch)
  7. Translations updates: Hungarian, Turkish, Serbian, German, Indonesian, Persian (thanks to everyone who helped out!)


  1. @Ashinch has appointed both @mbestavros and @JunkFood02 as additional Collaborators on Github:

“When I don’t have enough free time, I deeply appreciate everyone coming together to contribute to this project. @mbestavros and @JunkFood02 will be added to the list of collaborators for the project, granting you some permissions to manage the project’s release plans.”


To be absolutely clear: this does not mean that @Ashinch is stepping down from the project! It just means there are more people available to help create new releases. This will help a ton when @Ashinch is busy, and should reduce the time to ship code once it’s been merged on Github.

  1. On that note: the 0.9.9 release is managed by @mbestavros! I love @Ashinch’s work with ReadYou, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help out with release management.

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